eCitizen for foreigners (CEF eIDAS) and PIN

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The eVisitor system is a centralised system whose primary purpose is the check-in and check-out of tourists so as to meet the legal obligation of renters, that is all participants who are required to perform the check-in and check-out of tourists.

The system makes automatic calculation of the sojourn tax and controls the payments according to check-in and check-out of tourists. Based on the aforementioned data, the system displays statistical reports depending on the user’s role.

By integrating the eVisitor system into the CEF project, the citizens of the EU/EEA will have the possibility to access the eVisitor system without the need to collect the user data (username, password, TAN list) from the tourist boards.

The system will use the eIDAS node to obtain the data about foreign citizens who logged in and identified themselves with the credentials provided by a foreign service. If the foreign user has already been identified within the eVisitor system, at that point the eVistor system will automatically log in the user to the system or will try to identify them with data from an additional form.

Login through the NIAS system (eIDAS)

Who is obliged to use the eVistor system

Individuals offering rental services for tourism purposes, those who have a property used for the purpose of tourism registration, are obliged to use the eVisitor system in order to meet the legal obligations.

The prerequisite is that the tourist board shall in the first place register the user and their object within the system. Commercial renters have the Decision issued by the Ministry of Tourism, that is local State administration offices. Non-commercial renters have a proof of possession of the property that is registered within the Tax Administration.

Access to the eVisitor system

Users who want to register their tourists or want to register to a non-commercial accommodation can do that within the eVisitor system on the link

When this address in inserted in the browser, the following screen will appear:


Access through eIDAS

By selecting “Log in through NIAS (E-GRAĐANI)”, the NIAS website will open (the national identification and authentication system).

In case of a foreign citizen, but a citizen of the EU/EEA, it is necessary to select the “Log in as EU/EEA citizen”. At that point, the list of EU member states will appear, whose service the foreign user shall use. For example, if it is an Austrian person, they will select Austria and its service to be used. After that “Allow” shall be selected.

The procedure is shown on the following image:

Submission of basic information

After having selected the country whose service will be used, a page will open that will inform the user of required information and that it is possible that the services requests additional information. To access the eVisitor system the following data are mandatory::

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth

This is displayed to the user in three steps as in the following images:

Sending additional information

In the event that the user is accessing the eVisitor system for the first time through the eIDAS node, the eVisitor system shall require additional information from the user. Additional data are mandatory in order to uniquely identify and authenticate the user within the eVisitor system, with previously received data by the eIDAS node. These include the following:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Croatian Personal Identification Number (OIB)
  • Date of birth

The registration of additional data by the user is shown in the following image:

Croatian Personal Identification Number (OIB)

The Personal Identification Number (OIB) is a permanent identification code of each Croatian citizen and legal entity with registered office in the Republic of Croatia. It is determined and assigned by the Ministry of Finance - Tax Administration.

The Personal Identification Number (OIB) is assigned to foreign citizens as well in case the foreign citizen is undergoing a specific administrative procedure.

Croatian and foreign citizens can find the Personal Identification Number (OIB) on the following link:

Croatian citizens can find out their Personal Identification Number (OIB) by using their ID card number or the JMBG number (Unique Master Citizen Number).

Foreign citizens can find out their Personal Identification Number (OIB) by using their personal document (number of the document) according to which they obtained their Personal Identification Number (OIB).

If the foreign citizen does not know their Personal Identification Number (OIB), the aforementioned service can be used to retrieve their Personal Identification Number (if it was assigned).

The layout of the form for retrieving the Personal Identification Number (OIB) is shown on the following images:

Successful login to the eVisitor system

If all data are entered correctly, the eVistor system will successfully identify and authenticate the foreign citizen to the system.

After the successful login, the foreign citizen can use the eVisitor system.


When the foreign citizens is identified and authenticated, they will have a unique eID code that is registered to the user’s account.

The unique eID code is registered in the settings so the user can automatically register to the eVisitor system each following time by using the credentials of the foreign service. The identification eID code is displayed on the following image: